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Had a goal to devise a new way of doing aerial photography. It had to be safe, unique, cost effective, environmentally friendly and … achieve amazing results. We have CASA certification and all required insurances.


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Aerial Photography Specialists are fully certified UAV operators. Additional to our UAV operators certificate, we carry full public liability insurance & professional UAV equipment that’s safe to use. Find out more

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Aerial Photography Specialists provide photographic services using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The UAVs are more convenient and less disruptive than helicopters or planes. View our work

Aerial Photography Specialists are the Microdrones™ Agent / Distributor for Australia & New Zealand - view our product range

Microdrones™ Specialists

The Microdrones™ Agent / Distributor for Australia & New Zealand. Fully Certified UAV Operators & Training Providers
Products: MD4-200 | MD4-1000 | MD4-3000