Aerial Photography Specialists - Aurizon

Business innovators will make drones ‘as ubiquitous as pigeons’

Clay McDonald had a problem. High over the flood-prone waters of the Fitzroy Basin in central Queensland, the sprawling Aurizon railway network contained bridges and viaducts needing annual inspection. A crossing at Walton Creek, 160 kilometres west of Rockhampton in the Blackwater coal corridor, was giving him particular grief. “There was a problem with how we were going to inspect the bridge at that height and span,” recalls McDonald, the company’s vice-president of network operations. “So we thought: hey, could we do it by a drone?”

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Microdrones in Bosnia and Herzegovina / Croatia

After the Flood: Microdrone is finding land mines

Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia, 26 August 2014 – Airborne support in the search for survivors and land mines: in the wake of a natural disaster in Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina, rescue teams have been using German-made drones. This past May, flooding and landslides left many people homeless, blocked access to large areas, and brought wartime land mines to the surface.

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Melbourne Water

Drones soar high to collect data over Thomson

Using remote controlled drones to perform asset inspections has improved safety and helped us collect higher quality data.

Traditionally we have manually inspected large assets such as reservoirs. This involved rope work or abseiling while taking notes, photographs and video footage. These inspections were dangerous, took a long time and required extensive supervision and man-power.

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Adelaide Business Journal

Micro-drones, the eye in the sky

As large industrial, mining and energy companies search for safer, more cost-effective ways to monitor and inspect project equipment, Adelaide’s Aerial Photography Specialists are their eye in the sky.

The company offers mapping, plant and asset inspections and environmental monitoring using its fleet of six battery-powered micro-drones, which range in cost from about $40,000 to $100,000 each and require just one square metre for launch and retrieval.

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Tiny unmanned aircraft gives industry eyes in the sky for high-risk site inspections

Tiny unmanned aircraft gives industry eyes in the sky for high-risk site inspections

Aerial Photography Specialists (APS) has launched its latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solution, making it safer and easier to conduct detailed inspections of difficult or inaccessible locations.

Known as “micro-drones”, the remote-controlled UAVs require just 1 metre square for launch and retrieval, making them suitable for offshore projects where the UAV can be launched from a ship or a safe area on an oil rig.

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mdCockpit3 Software Update

Version 3 of Microdrone’s mdCockpit software is now available

mdCockpit is the software that’s used to quickly plan safe flight paths for the UAVs based on waypoints.

New enhancements make it easier to import existing maps into the program, and improved planning and waypoint creation tools make flight path implementation more efficient.

The mdCockpit 3 introduction video (link below) demonstrates how quickly and easily routes can be planned and created – in less than a minute.

Using an example project, the software guides you through the complete process of flight planning in mdCockpit 3 (route planning, parameter setting, route simulation etc). Each step is clearly explained with supporting photos and video.

Since 2005, the mdCockpit software has been installed on more than 1000 UAVs worldwide.

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